Floorazzo Technical Info

Fusion process (patent pending):

A revolutionary flooring and wall system expressly designed to solve operating room problems, with requirements set by Johns Hopkins Facility Engineering. This system can also be used in commercial kitchens and industrial clean rooms.

Taking the best of both worlds…quick and clean installation of tile combined with the durability of poured-in-place terrazzo, Fusion seamlessly melds these features and turns 2' x 4' pre-cast terrazzo tile into a monolithic floor. The wall system utilizes 2' x 2' tile, which prevents damage, mold and bacterial growth. Finally, long-lasting, non-staining, water-tight flooring alternative made affordable.

  • Floorazzo "Fusion" O.R. System eliminates the most commonly found problems:
    • Betadine staining;
    • Vinyl sheet good seams pulling apart;
    • Buffing through;
    • Wheel indents;
    • Wall damage from cart bumps;
    • Down time due to costly repair work.
  • Turnaround time between operating procedures is reduced because the floor can be cleaned quickly by damp mopping.
  • Simply stated, 99.9% of a Fusion floor is poured at the factory. The remaining portion is poured at the installation site. After installation, it is lip ground and sealed.
  • Fusion's economics stem from three key issues:

On-site stone craftsmen kept to a minimum.
Tile built with dedicated machines under a tight Quality Control System.
Only pour on-site what has to be poured.

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